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Temperature would develop into meaningless, due to the fact a effectively-aimed hit from Maxwell's demon would freeze that boiling kettle and eject a single molecule with the many surplus Power. Little question the minor eco-friendly men have discovered such a technology which accounts with the OMG cosmic rays :) 

Dammit I strike the button much too early and now I am unable to proper it! Really sorry about "entorpy" and the very first word ought to be "Is".

unforgettable thermodynamic portions like enthalpy and Gibbs energy to cope with in lieu of simple and straightforward energy. If anybody is reading this and it is wanting to know just what the hell I am talking about, I "recommend" this web page: if You're not bewildered now you before long are going to be. 

The Idea of the "properties" of knowledge is intriguing and deep. Superficially, details idea treats quantities simply as statistical distributions of symbols. At this degree it is easy to view correspondences between qualitative notions for example thermodynamic heat and also the quantitative information theoretic notion of random noise -- that's why we might conclude that these really are expressions of a similar point: entropy. To me it is a beneficial and important act of reasoning but isn't in alone a conclusion.

" that inundate the web. These qualitative statements at best present you with metaphors, and at worst build profound misunderstandings.

Another way to have a look at this, which could partly reconcile each sights, is as a lattice, with components in the list of heads and tails. 

I was not indicating that you assumed a thousand heads generally experienced the same entropy, somewhat checking your situation. So you may have a thousand heads which can be represented with fewer than one thousand bits, but that will depend on an agreed compression algorithm which itself requires bits? Won't the compression to get a provided condition depend on the compression algorithm (I normally suggest lossless), wherein circumstance the entropy you assign for a state will count find more information to some extent on how perfectly the compression algorithm compresses that individual pattern.

" The solution to this problem had to await the atomistic check out starting to acquire acceptance in mainstream physics. This took place at the end of the nineteenth century.

But psychic readings we've been talking about the beginning of the PURE sodium response with none [shared] Electricity while you say.

Definitely you are doing otherwise how could you express that a box with many of the air molecules in one side has a lot less entropy then 1 with them spread evenly?

You make two important assumptions, one) that the compression is algorithmic and a couple of) that there is some form of concealed mechanism that agrees on (decides) the method of compression. Both of those assumptions are not really related to the central plan, and that is that compression "occurs" just like wavefunction collapse "comes about".

"the entropy of a physical system will be the minimum range of bits you need to fully describe the in depth point out with the technique"

So don't despair if all puzzle pieces Never drop into area straight away. I guarantee you'll be able to get to a profound comprehension of entropy by investing an number of your time that's only a tiny fraction of the century...

Orwin -- many thanks for highlighting the complication posed by carries on variables. Certainly, for continuous variables, Boltzmann's configuration depend translates straight into a phase Area quantity. For methods that could be described classically, this was what physicists focused on.

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